Who am I?

Our Mission

Finding Harmony between the needs of every day and the calls from Nature

The incredible majesty of Nature has always both fascinated and intimidated me. I have never been able to resist her though.

I am a guy who likes to do it  my way. Yes, it’s a fight at times but in the end it’s worth it. I like movies, I like theatre, I like music, I like to hike, I like to swim, I like Hawaii, I like to sleep in, I like to eat great food, I like to have fun, I like to feel I have created something of value – not necessarily in that order. 



Extraordinary Experiences

Our wedding in 2014.

The guests at our wedding keep telling us that our wedding was an extraordinary experience for them. It was not just about us, my wife and I, but about the people who had helped shape our lives.

Our Core Values

We believe in preserving the planet, in taking care of it and try and leave it a better place. We believe we should live in harmony with Nature and strive to live our lives, not let life happen to us